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Unfold Your Meditation


In this Unfold Your Meditation course, you will find out why it is invaluable to bring meditation and mindfulness into your busy life. You will connect to an inner stillness that you didn’t know you had. It is all there within. It simply needs to be tapped into.

You’ll learn:

The difference between meditation and mindfulness
You find out how you can live mindfully through meditation. And your formal practice strengthens the informal practice which happens every day

How to easily establish a successful meditation practice in your life
Once you understand the concepts you will be able to bring meditation into your day. Even short moments of meditation will make a huge difference.

How to tame your busy mind
It isn’t until you take the time to be that you begin to see how your thoughts control you, rather than you controlling them. This awareness helps you eliminate anxiety and stress.

How to deepen your connection to your breath
The state of your breath is your barometer to your body, mind and soul. Connecting to your breath connects you to the whisper of your heart.

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